"She was SO incredibly patient with me. She made me feel IMPORTANT every time I asked a million stupid crazy questions and for that I am so grateful."

frequently asked

How do "unlimited revisions" work?

It's exactly what it sounds like - you can make as many changes as you need to your wording and color palette (the color of your envelope, paper, ink, embellishment(s), etc.).  We don't limit these changes (and you'll find that a lot of stationers allow only 1-3 revisions) because we want you to feel 100% comfortable in working with us, knowing that we're committed to making it perfect before it's sent into production.

In order to take advantage of the unlimited revisions that we offer, we recommend booking your pieces well in advance, to leave ample time for design/revisions, and to also secure your spot on our design calendar.

What is "mail-ready" assembly, and how much does it cost?

"Mail-ready" assembly means that your pieces will arrive to you ready for mailing. We'll coordinate the weighing of your suites so that we can order enough postage for you, stamp your envelopes, stuff your cards into the envelopes, and seal your envelopes. If you allow us, we'll also number the front of your response cards (if you need to write in the number of guests that will be invited per household), and number the back of your response cards to coordinate with your address list (in case any show up to you without a name!).

This service is complementary with the addition of digital or calligraphy guest addressing (read: it's free if we're addressing your envelopes). We include this service complementary for our clients, because it's less work for you, and we also like to make sure everything is done right! :)

Can I mix/match fonts or layouts between suites?

Yes! You can mix and match fonts or layouts between suites at no extra charge (for example: Siena suite, plus font from Palermo suite). While we offer unlimited changes to your wording or color palette, we only allow one round of design changes to your font, layout choice, or a switch between Collection designs. Each of our Collection Look Books include a gallery of cards in each Collection, so that you can view the fonts/layouts before making a decision. We also recommend taking advantage of a free consultation call with us so that we can discuss your design in-depth.

Can I add any customizations (illustrations, outside fonts, etc.) to the Collection designs?

Our Collection designs include a complementary sketch of your venue, should you wish to include it on your save-the-dates, invitations, or day-of paper. We also have a curated selection of laurels/wreaths that can be combined with a 1 or 2-letter calligraphy monogram.

Additional illustrations (such as maps) are quoted individually, and start at $325.

Outside fonts (fonts which are not currently used in a Collection design) are allowed at our discretion, and may require a fee ($25-$150).

Do you mail our save-the-dates/invitations for us?

For orders over $2500, we provide complementary mailing. We make every effort to ensure the right amount of postage is on your envelopes, and we take every piece inside of the post office and hand them to a real human being. Though, we kindly ask you to keep in mind that whether you mail them, or we do, there is always a risk that any of your pieces will be lost/damaged/returned/delayed. This is simply a service that we offer out of convenience for our clients!

What happens if we approve a mistake on our invitations after they are printed or mailed?

We print exactly what is approved by our clients (via a signature on a final digital proof), so while we cannot be held liable and cover the cost of a reprint, we still know it sucks. Each situation is unique and is handled on a case-by-case basis - whether we coordinate the rush printing and mailing of a correction card to your guests, or we have 1 or more of your cards reprinted and we assist with assembly. We're experts at weighing options and taking action - so rest assured that we will figure this out together!

However, if the mistake is our fault (we print something that was not approved by you) we will cover the cost of a rush reprint + assembly.

How do I know how much postage to order?

We get it - our postal service can be a little puzzling. So if you're based out of the United States, don't worry about it! We provide some options, along with an estimate, during your proofing process (usually towards the end, after we've finalized your papers and embellishments). After your pieces are in our studio, and fully assembled, we take them to our post office to confirm the estimate before we apply any postage. Better safe than sorry!

What happens if an item I order is out-of-stock?

We have carefully chosen most of our options, not only for their quality, but for their availability. In rare events, a unique size or color may be on backorder or discontinued, before or after we send your pieces into production. Sadly, this is out of our hands :( We will inform you immediately if this will affect your timeline and offer you a comparable alternative.

Do you offer day-of pieces such as programs, place cards, menus, etc. to match my Collection?

Yes! We can create matching pieces for your day-of paper. These are based off of your final invitation design, and are a separate project quoted once your invitation suites are complete.

Do you ship internationally?

We regularly ship packages internationally via DHL! After your pieces are boxed, we will get you an invoice for the exact cost of shipping, which must be paid before they are tendered at DHL. We are not responsible for delays or customs fees, though in our experience, DHL has been the best at keeping your boxes from being held up at customs. ;)

What if I don't see the paper or envelope, print method, color, or assembly option, that I'm interested in?

You would be surprised by how many other options we have access to, that are simply impossible and overwhelming to list out on our website. Send us an email or book a consultation call with us and we'll see what we can do!

I'm overwhelmed by all of the options! Can you help me?

It's ok to feel overwhelmed, at first! We're here to provide as little or as much guidance/direction as you need - from start to finish. We recommend taking advantage of a free consultation call so that we can get to know you, your style, and your needs. After that, we'll send over a customized price proposal with more information on when we should get started on your design, and when your pieces should be mailed out.

Do you sell samples?

Yes! Fill out one of our forms below, and mention in the notes that you would like to purchase a sample pack. The cost of your samples will be credited towards your purchase, should you decide to book with us. Please note that not all designs/colors/papers may be available, but we will do our best to put together a variety of pieces that showcase the options that you are interested in seeing.

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