Stylistic Sets

Stylistic Sets are “one-click” buttons that allow you to change specific characters in an entire range of text, without having to manually change each incidence. These are useful when typesetting blocks of text, a large quantity of place cards, addresses, etc. Many programs, such as Adobe InDesign, allow you to use more than one Stylistic Set at a time.

Click on a Stylistic Set below to learn more:

one: short tails

two: long tails

three: dramatic end characters

four: capital a

five: capital S

six: capital m

seven: capital n

eight: capital m and n

nine: capital n, m, a, and s

Contextual Alternates

Contextual Alternates automatically substitute specific letters, depending on their context. Turn this ON to utilize all of these features at once: our standard in-and-out stroked letterforms at the beginning/end of words, our "smart t-crossbars," and more.

Click below for a few examples:

contextual alternates

Standard Ligatures

Standard Ligatures replace a specified set of multiple characters into one special character. If there are two of the same lowercase letters next to each other, Standard Ligatures will replace them with two letters that look subtly different from each other to add variety. This is also our feature which turns on Roman Numerals.

Click below for a few examples:

standard ligatures

Discretionary Ligatures

Think of this as an "off" button for our "smart t-crossbars" feature; it replaces the crossbar on every t and tt with a short crossbar.

Click below for a few examples:

discretionary ligatures

frequently asked

How much is Loenna?

Loenna is offered in three weights, with Standard Desktop or Web licenses. Each license, per weight, is $87 USD (plus sales tax, where applicable).

If you plan to use Loenna on your desktop computer (such as in design software like Adobe), you'll want the Standard Desktop License. Files are provided in both .OTF and .TTF formats.

If you'd like to install Loenna on a website (such as ShowIt or Squarespace), you'll want the Web License. Files are provided in .WOFF format.

Please thoroughly review our End User Licensing Agreement before purchasing either license.

For additional licenses please contact

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not offer refunds or exchanges.

Please contact if you have any questions before making your purchase.

Which font weight do I need?

Loenna Light works beautifully as a monoline script and can easily be thickened with a stroke in many design programs for complete control, while Loenna Regular and Bold retain the contrast of thick and thin strokes.

Personally, we find a need for all three in our toolkit! We find that in small text sizes, monoline script is easier on the eyes and can be more legible than a script with a lot of contrast between the thick/thin lines, which is why our Light weight is so versatile - we can easily add as much of a stroke as we need, and have done this with great success for letterpress printing (which needs at least a .35pt line weight)! We love this tutorial if you want more info on how to prepare your text for letterpress.

If you love the contrast between the thick and thin strokes, our Regular and Bold weights will work well for you!

You may also purchase all three together at a substantial discount (20% off of each) than if purchased individually.

What can I do with the Standard Desktop License?

With our Standard Desktop License, (1) user is permitted to download the font on up to (2) devices.

Commercial use is allowed. Up to 100 designs (with 400 products or less per design) is permitted.

If providing digital files to a client, the font MUST be flattened or outlined (non-editable).

You are NOT allowed to embed the font into any software in which another user may edit the text (such as an editable PDF, Templett, Canva, Zazzle, etc.).

You may NOT sell digital or physical letterform products. These are products featuring individual letters, numbers, or characters (such as stamps or wax seals with an individual letter).

Flattened images of the font are allowed on a website or in a website template, but if you would like to install the font in ShowIt, Squarespace, etc. you must purchase a Web License.

For full details, please review our End User Licensing Agreement. If you're unsure about anything, please don't hesitate to reach out to

How do I access all of the alternate characters?

Professional page-layout applications (like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop) allow you to access alternate characters by simply highlighting a letter, or by opening the Glyphs Panel (see here for a great video tutorial)

If you do not have access to a program that allows you to access alternate characters from within the program, Loenna is PUA (Private Use Area) encoded, which means all characters can be accessed through Font Book (Mac) or Character Maps (Windows) for free. For additional help (and screenshots!) this is a great article.

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